Welcome to Hawk iMedia’s new Development Blog!

The voice of this blog belongs to Mark Granoff, a professional software developer, founder, and sole proprietor of Hawk iMedia. I am a  full-time employed iOS developer in the Greater Boston area. In my spare time, I also develop my own apps and apps for clients.

I’ve been at this iOS development thing since early 2009, thanks to an idle suggestion from a friend. (Look for a post soon about that journey.) Over that time I’ve learned a lot about the process from scratch: from app design and implementation, working with the tools, working with Apple, and working with clients to marketing, sales, promotion, and everything in between.

Some things I have learned are, in hindsight, obvious; others not so much. I’ve developed some tricks, some process, and some best practices of my own along the way. I’m hoping to write about some of that stuff and share it here. Maybe my experiences will be illuminating to you, or a warning, or something in between. In any event, you can decide for yourself.

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