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The Veiled UI

Despite what Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines may say, sometimes you want to prevent your user from doing anything until some long-running task (like a network API call or a login task, for example) completes. How do you do that without knowing, necessarily, what UI elements are visible and active? Use a full-screen veil to cover … Continue reading →

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Really? A fart app?

This is my first post for iDevBlogADay, an opportunity about which I am quite excited. The following is the tale of how I got into this crazy world of iPhone development and how I tackled the challenge of essentially re-inventing my software development career. If you’re in a place where you’re thinking about iOS development … Continue reading →

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Legendary Reflections

Like everyone else, I feel I have to say something about the passing of Steve Jobs. Of course, it’s all already been said in blog posts, on Facebook, and on Twitter. There is no denying the incredible impact Steve had on technology and our lives. Or what an amazing visionary of and advocate for technology … Continue reading →

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