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UI Polish In An Instant

There are some apps that immediately make you say, “Wow! That looks really nice!” You might also assume that a “real designer” ™ was involved. In many cases, you’d be right. But it turns out that Apple has made it easy even for the non-designers among us (of which I include myself) to achieve a … Continue reading →

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Get Thee to a Developer Conference!

On the heels of this past weekend’s Voices That Matter iOS Developers Conference I am feeling completely inspired to create great, new, and innovative apps. My mind is ablaze with the possibilities! For whatever your particular area of focus might be, find a conference and go!

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The Distro Scheme

If you came to Xcode4 from Xcode3, you noticed a distinctly different methodology to the way in which apps are built, namely Schemes. Schemes introduce more organization and flexibility to how you build targets in Xcode and to what is actually produced. But with flexibility comes some complexity that can be frustrating at times. Once … Continue reading →

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