Get Thee to a Developer Conference!

On the heels of this past weekend’s Voices That Matter iOS Developers Conference I am feeling completely inspired to create great, new, and innovative apps. My mind is ablaze with the possibilities! For whatever your particular area of focus might be, find a conference and go!

The experience of hearing other people talk about their process, or about the nuances of using some tool or API, or about ideas that expand your notion of how things work or can be done is eye-opening and invigorating.

And the people! What a chance to meet like-minded individuals, network, learn, and expand your personal community of allies. I had wanted to meet a couple specific people I follow on Twitter, and I did. But I also met new people with whom I had meaningful discussions, and with whom I was able to connect on a professional level.

And in the long run, it is the combination of sharing the conference experience with like-minded people on topics of shared interest that helps solidify, grow, and advance not only the individual attendee but our developer entire community.

Now, go! Find a conference!

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