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OS X Lion + Oracle + ruby-oci8 Gem Solution

In my day job, we have need to interface with an Oracle database, from ruby. There’s a gem for that: ruby-oci8. The problem, since OS X Lion came out, is that installing the gem with it’s native extensions (i.e. compiled C code) fails. Why? Because the native extensions cannot be built using the default 64-bit … Continue reading →

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Project X Has Begun

In my last post, Something Old or Something New?, I talked about my own mental process for choosing what to do next that would be meaningful, i.e. worth doing and doing well, and ultimately profitable (for a reasonable definition of that word.) I am pleased to say: Work has begun!

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Something New or Something Old?

What’s my “Next Great App” going to be? No one knows, of course, since almost anything can be a hit, or not! I’ve experienced this phenomena with my own, current apps. And this leaves me with an ever-present quandary: Should I conceive and develop something new and (maybe) awesome, or update/re-implement something old? What to … Continue reading →

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