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Geofencing: What do you do with it?

Location Services are one of the most interesting capabilities available in iOS. One interesting feature therein is “geofencing”, also known as “region monitoring.” I recently investigated how this works and what you can do with it. While easy enough to use, region monitoring alone isn’t enough to bring your user back to your app.

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Core Data Image Caching

It is a common pattern for an app to do something with data that is not local. Maintaining decent app performance while fetching the data is one challenge (and not the focus of this article). Keeping the data, and enough of it, for later use and to prevent having to get it again, is another … Continue reading →

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Animation Revelation

For the newcomer to iOS development, “animation” may seem like a daunting proposition. That’s how I felt when I wanted to animate a game board 90 degrees in my very first app. How could I possibly do that!? It must be difficult! And so off I went to see how to do it….

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