Call for testers: OuttaMyWay! v3

Nearly 2 years in the making, OuttaMyWay! v3 is ready for public testing! This update supports iOS8 and above on both iPhones and iPads, and has a number of other enhancements and new features. Rewritten from the ground up, the app retains its familiar feel. The app is now universal, supporting all iPhone and iPad screen sizes natively. We’ve added more siren tones and more patterns. And we’ve added a new, customizable Siren Board: you can select the siren buttons you want available and you can make the buttons as large or small as you like!

Forthcoming articles will delve into some of the technical details behind this major overhaul. Until then you’re invited to signup for the public beta. We are eager to get a lot of testing done across the widest spectrum of devices and iOS versions, so thank you in advance!

Here’s a short preview of what to expect:

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