OuttaMyWay v3 Available Today!

Nearly two years in the making, OuttaMyWay v3 is finally available today! It’s a complete re-write, but the app retains all the familiar features users have come to love, plus a bunch of new things.

OuttaMyWay!Supporting iOS8 and above, OuttaMyWay is now native on all iOS devices. That’s right: even iPad! We’ve worked hard to do this in a way that ensures a high quality visual experience no matter the screen size while keeping the size of the app on your device as small as possible. We achieved this with some custom drawing code which, as it happens, also gave the app a huge graphics performance boost.

We’ve had many requests to add the Rumbler sirens. Version 3 includes two Rumbler siren tones, along with all the other tones we’ve historically included. We’re always looking for more sirens to add (the requirement being that we find high quality samples). And we have some other ideas about how to customize siren use in the app in the future.

The app’s dedicated Siren Board has been revamped now allowing users to configure not only which sirens’ buttons are visible but also the size of the buttons. The larger your screen the better for this feature.

As before, the app includes a built in Support Forum powered by Helpshift. Accessible from the Preferences, users can be directly in touch with Hawk iMedia to search our FAQs, ask questions, or make suggestions. This is the best way to contact us.

Over the last several weeks the app has been undergoing beta testing by a group of lights-and-siren-loving enthusiasts ranging from kids to first responders. It’s been great fun working with these folks who have provided valuable feedback and great suggestions. A huge Thank You goes out to these fine people! (Testing was conducted using TestFlight, which was a flawless experience for us.)

We are super excited to bring this long-awaited update to the App Store. We hope our users, new and old, will love it and we can’t wait to get everyone’s feedback.

Our App Store assets now include a video preview, an extended version of which is also available. Please have a look. If you like what you see, we hope you’ll give the app a try. If you know someone who might like the app, we’d sure appreciate if you’d tell them about OuttaMyWay. Thanks!

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