Announcing FilterFresh v1.3

An update is available (as of yesterday) for FilterFresh, our filter maintenance and reminder app for iOS.This update has the usual minor bug fixes and improvements, of course. In addition, we’ve added the ability to more easily mark a filter as replaced or cleaned directly from the main filter list. Just swipe left on any row and the new action appears.


Tapping the action button, “Replaced Today” in this example, automatically updates the installation date and resets the remaining time for the filter according to the filter’s lifetime.

The other new item in the app is an opportunity for you to support continued development of FilterFresh. The app is (and will remain) free to download, supported only by advertising and any referral fees we may receive from the eBay Commerce Network (the partner through which our in-app product search and purchase mechanism operates). You might think these fees are huge, but they aren’t.

To be quite frank, we developed this app for our own edification; to solve a need we had. And we use it, for a lot of different filters we have. Because app development is our thing, we put it on the App Store.

But app development isn’t cheap. It takes time to develop a quality app, and it takes time to continue to develop it. If you ever wondered how it might be possible to show your support more substantially, now you can. By visiting the information page, you will find a new option to support us:

Simulator Screen Shot Feb 12, 2016, 2.22.11 PM

Simulator Screen Shot Feb 12, 2016, 2.22.33 PM

We hope you’ll consider it. But if not, no problem. We’ll still be here.

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