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Achievement Unlocked: Git Ninja

The title of this article may be overstating my expertise with git slightly, but that’s how I feel having successfully tackled what is, I think, a fairly non-trivial task with git: managing changes across multiple branches and multiple remotes using a single working directory.

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Lockbox: Easily Secure Your App’s Sensitive Data

It seems like there has been a lot in the “developer” news lately about the secure storage of user data in iOS apps, as well as related topics around securely replacing the venerable but now deprecated device unique identifier, or UDID. For the latter, more than a few replacement schemes have been offered up, most … Continue reading →

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OS X Lion + Oracle + ruby-oci8 Gem Solution

In my day job, we have need to interface with an Oracle database, from ruby. There’s a gem for that: ruby-oci8. The problem, since OS X Lion came out, is that installing the gem with it’s native extensions (i.e. compiled C code) fails. Why? Because the native extensions cannot be built using the default 64-bit … Continue reading →

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