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The Next Thing

I debated about what to write about today, especially in the wake of yesterday’s WWDC ticket frenzy, the subsequent online screaming about it, and everything else. I think in the end, Apple will do what Apple does, and that’ll be that. Enough about that. On to the next thing… a new app to develop!

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Core Data Image Caching

It is a common pattern for an app to do something with data that is not local. Maintaining decent app performance while fetching the data is one challenge (and not the focus of this article). Keeping the data, and enough of it, for later use and to prevent having to get it again, is another … Continue reading →

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Book Review: Core Data for iOS

I am always learning new things about my craft: from colleagues, on the job, from the Googles, and yes, from books. For technical topics, I like having a real book because when you’re done reading it, if it was a good book, it’s now a good reference. The tricky part in all this is finding … Continue reading →

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