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Pulling in Many Directions

Sometimes there is no time to focus on just one or two things. No, sometimes things get busy and between day jobs, and night jobs, and family, and all those other obligations we have in our lives, there is time only to touch on a few things briefly. That’s what my development life has been … Continue reading →

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Animation Revelation

For the newcomer to iOS development, “animation” may seem like a daunting proposition. That’s how I felt when I wanted to animate a game board 90 degrees in my very first app. How could I possibly do that!? It must be difficult! And so off I went to see how to do it….

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Project X Has Begun

In my last post, Something Old or Something New?, I talked about my own mental process for choosing what to do next that would be meaningful, i.e. worth doing and doing well, and ultimately profitable (for a reasonable definition of that word.) I am pleased to say: Work has begun!

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