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Unit Testing for Fun and Profit

How do you know if your code works? You test it of course. But, how do you test your code? Do you run it in the simulator? On your device? Is that enough? The simple answer is: No. How can we do better? Answer: Unit testing!

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The Last Word on Many From One

It turns out that building multiple targets from one source code base is both easy and hard, both simple and complex. It all depends not only on the ultimate products you want to create, but a bit on your workflow and how you like to setup and run your project.

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Many From One, Again

Several months ago I wrote about some tricks I was using to build many targets from one code base. The rubber is meeting the road on that project as we get closer to being ready to submit to Apple, and what I thought then was the solution is turning out not to be so.

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Achievement Unlocked: Git Ninja

The title of this article may be overstating my expertise with git slightly, but that’s how I feel having successfully tackled what is, I think, a fairly non-trivial task with git: managing changes across multiple branches and multiple remotes using a single working directory.

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The Distro Scheme

If you came to Xcode4 from Xcode3, you noticed a distinctly different methodology to the way in which apps are built, namely Schemes. Schemes introduce more organization and flexibility to how you build targets in Xcode and to what is actually produced. But with flexibility comes some complexity that can be frustrating at times. Once … Continue reading →

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