[self viewDidChange]; — Wait. What?

No, that’s not a new and magical API in the title. Just an eye catcher…

This week I changed day jobs. So literally, my own view has changed. That is to say, the office I go to, the people I see, and windows I look out of past my new desk have all changed.

The new job is the next step on my evolution as an iOS developer. After two years at a local startup as the only iOS developer, I have joined another local company and their growing team of iOS developers.

This change represents a terrific opportunity for me to expand my skills and hone my craft. Working with other iOS developers will be a welcome treat. It is certainly challenging and exciting to be the only iOS developer in an organization. But having others around with whom to collaborate “in the same language”, so to speak, is invaluable. I’ve missed that in the last few years that I’ve been doing iOS work.

My now previous iOS position was a fortuitous and fruitful experience, to be sure. It was my first bona fide iOS development job: developing a commercial iOS app and getting paid to do so. It was certainly a great experience, and a great opportunity when it came along, just when I needed it. There is no denying my street cred now!

In just the first few days I can see that the pace of my new situation is going to be fast and non-stop. I expect that my night and weekend time will continue to be filled with ongoing indie efforts, at least as much as I can endure and not lose my sanity.

This won’t be the first time I’ve burned the midnight oil at both ends of the candle. It is a great time, indeed, to be an iOS developer!

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