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Pro Tip: Data Types Matter — 5 Comments

  1. Here’s a pro tip from me:

    If you start writing a predefined method header like in your example, omit the type. I.e., just type:


    That’ll be detected by Xcode’s code completion assistant, and if you then choose your function from the menu, it’ll add the right return type for you as well.

  2. that’s interesting! I usually disable the autocomplete. Doesn’t it gets caught by the Analyzer? I would try it when I get back to my machine.

  3. It would be great for Xcode or the ObjC runtime to catch errors like this. One approach we use is in our frameworks, https://github.com/omnigroup/OmniGroup/blob/master/Frameworks/OmniBase/OBRuntimeCheck.m

    With this in place, you get a runtime warning like:

    2012-11-29 08:41:54.267 OmniOutliner-iPad[50968:c07] Method tableView:numberOfRowsInSection: has conflicting type signatures between class and its adopted protocol:
    signature f16@0:4@8i12 for class ColumnFormatterInspectorPane has imp -[ColumnFormatterInspectorPane tableView:numberOfRowsInSection:] at 0x81ee0 in OmniOutliner-iPad
    signature i16@0:4@8i12 for protocol UITableViewDataSource

    Comically, we had to add a mode to squelch warnings from within the system frameworks.

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