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Caching +imageForURL: Results

About a month ago I wrote about the recurring but ever-solvable problem of loading images in the background without losing performance while say, scrolling a table view. While I would be pleased to ship that code today, there is an improvement that betters performance as soon as an image is requested more than once: Caching.

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Endlessly Solvable Problems

There is no shortage of common engineering problems that have been solved over and over again, or just once. In either case, if a Good(tm) solution is found, it gets reused wherever it is needed. Others however, get solved over and over again. Not because they are hard or unsolvable, necessarily, but because they are … Continue reading →

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Standalone Delegate Objects

It is very common practice that an object like a view controller is the delgate (and perhaps datasource) for another encapsulated or included object, such as a table view. This affords easy access from the delegate methods to the delegate object. But when might you want to use a delegate object that is not your … Continue reading →

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Fast UITableView Scrolling with Network Image Load

This is an old and common thing to do in an iOS app. Doing it well — or at all — it turns out, is pretty easy, but perhaps not obvious.

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