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Fast UITableView Scrolling with Network Image Load — 9 Comments

  1. There is a problem. The tableview just load when scroll is stopped!
    Facebook load when you stop and when table view
    Is scrolling! How?

  2. It’s not a problem, it’s a choice. If you want your table view to scroll fast, all the time, then the thing to do is to only load the slow stuff (i.e. images from the network) when the table view is not scrolling. When you try to scroll the Facebook table, it will occasionally be jerky while something part of the UI is being changed (that likely need not be changed because it has scrolled out of view).

  3. First of all, sorry if im boring you. I just really
    Want to understand how they do that. Please
    correct me if im saying something wrong cuz
    im just a trainee( about 8mouths with iphone)
    .I test just load images( with class sdwebimage )
    visible exactly the post say and works very
    Fast. I still want this effect but when scrolling
    Fast. When make a low scroll or a fast scroll
    and with low speed scrolling i also want to load
    visible cells. I dont know if facebook do this
    but when i scroll with facebook i didnt understand
    what kind of actions they are handling.. But
    They do something more of just load when
    Tableview is stoped and it still scrolling fast

  4. In addition to being able to know whether a table view is scrolling or not, you can also know how fast a table view is scrolling. So perhaps the Facebook app is deciding that once the table view is scrolling slow enough, it can start loading images. Or, maybe it’s not sophisticated at all. I couldn’t say, since I didn’t write it. A lot of learning and understanding comes from experimenting. If you want image loads (or whatever) while the table is scrolling, by all means go ahead and do that. It’s your code; you can do anything you want with it. 🙂

  5. Really cool and very helpful. As you said its a choice depending on your need. What I did was load a really low res version in cell for row at index path and then loaded the high res one when the scrollview was stationary. Thanks for the idea. Really helps in fast scroll situations for example scrolltocellatindexpath

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