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  1. Nice post! That’s an interesting solution for build many apps from one base. I must say I’ve never thought of that.

    In your case, if I understood well, you need multiple versions to deliver each one the right amount of content from the same backend, right?

    But why don’t you use In-Apps purchases or authentication on server for making this “filter”? Is there an special reason for that?


  2. Actually, we are going to do that too. A single “edition” will contain quite a bit of content, and within any given edition, various “peer” editions will be available for in-app purchase. Buying any edition essentially modifies the list of editions’ content from which a user can see content. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Have you tried creating a Scheme that builds all the targets instead of using xcodebuild? We do multiple enterprise builds from a single code base. For testing / development, a scheme is used that only includes one target. For distribution, a scheme is used that produces archives of all targets.

  4. That’s a great suggestion. Thanks! Schemes are one of those Xcode4 things I need to spend more time with. This project is the first one I’ve done where multiple targets are involved, so I will definitely look again at how schemes can help here. Sounds like that is the way to avoid the command line!

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